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Carved Glass Table

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012
Carved Glass table

Carved glass table top for a private residence in Washington, DC

By combining deep carved glass with etched glass shading, Classic Glass artisans create stunning visuals that are both beautiful and sophisticated. This latest piece by glass artist Rudi Waros combines both techniques and is accented by an edge lit LED system. The client wished to capture the organic qualities of water and thus requested the carved glass’ edge mimic that of rippling waves. Moving in from the carved edge, soft etched shading fades into circular bubbles that disperse as they reach the table’s center. The carved relief is on the underside which allows the top side of the glass table to be smooth and functional.

Carved Glass Table Top

Carved glass table top illuminated with LED lighting system

Incorporating relief carving with LED lighting produces dramatic illumination, contrast and vibrant color that washes through the glass. These powerful lights instantly accentuate carved glass, adding interest and personality. The controls allow the user to choose from a range of colors and even set the scheme for color fading or strobe like effects. The result is a work of art that highlights the overall design of the clients kitchen. Classic Glass artisans specialize in combining traditional glass techniques with modern technology to create truly unique works of art.

Custom Glass Signs

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011
Glass Sign

Carving and painting on both sides of the glass sign creates dimension

Custom glass signs are one of the most versatile products that Classic Glass has to offer. Glass can be fabricated to just about any kind of shape, size and hole specification. In addition, several treatment options including etching, carving, painting and even cast glass are available. There are many ways to reproduce your logo or message onto glass and our artisans are happy to make recommendations based on the intent and function of the space.

Etched Glass and Painted Glass

Etching and Painting is both aesthetic and functional in purpose

The custom glass sign for Story Partners (above) is a great example of using an etched treatment to serve a specific function. Because of the logo’s grey type, and to maintain the overall clarity against the stone wall; Classic Glass recommended that the back of the sign be surface etched and the logo painted on the front surface. The effect diffuses a small area of the stone wall and allows the logo to be viewed without distractions. This ultimately gives Story Partner’s glass sign greater impact.

Carved Glass for Donor Wall

Glass donor walls can be updated with additional names

Glass donor walls are typically used in two ways; to recognize the financial contributions of an individual or group, or to memorialize an individual after he/she has passed. Classic Glass produces this type of signage for organization’s like the Georgetown Chimes (above) The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and Temple Beth Ami to name a few. When it’s time to update a name(s) Classic Glass will pick the sign up, fabricate the new content and then re-install the sign until the next update is needed. Attractive glass signage could not be any easier!

Etched Glass

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009
Etched Glass Awards

Etched Glass Awards

Classic Glass recently created 17 awards for the National Kitchen and Bath Association, Baltimore-Washington Chapter. The etched glass awards were presented at the NKBA, BWC annual holiday social. They were given to the 2009 sponsors  in recognition of their generosity and support as well as officers/committee members for their dedication to the chapter. Etched glass is an elegant, cost effective product that can be customized for glassware such as bowls, wine glasses and vases.

Classic Glass Products and Services

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Classic Glass, Inc. has been serving the architectural and design community for over 30 years and is committed to offering unique high quality architectural and decorative glass. We are constantly researching and developing techniques in the creation of new products to meet our clients specific needs. Below are some of the product and art glass services that we provide to the DC, VA and MD areas.



We can simulate Pantone, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore colors. Back-splashes, countertops and walls are just a few of the applications in this exciting product line.


Backpainted kitchen backsplash for a residence in Washington, DC.

Backpainted kitchen backsplash for a residence in Washington, DC.




The ultimate in design flexibility while meeting ANSI safety standards. A variety of opacity’s, custom colors and textures available. Provides excellent soundproofing and UV protection.


Laminated bent glass partition with carved and painted detail, Sibley Hospital, Washington, DC.

Laminated bent glass partition with carved and painted detail. Sibley Hospital, Washington, DC.




We use recycled glass to produce panels up to 4′ x 8′. Available with fired-in colored frits and paints.


Cast glass privacy window with gold leaf detail for a residence in Alexandria, VA

Cast glass privacy window with gold leaf detail for a residence in Alexandria, VA




Stained, leaded and beveled glass products available. Custom designs, Reproductions, Stained Glass Repair and Restoration.


10' diameter stained glass reproduction for 6th and I Historic Synagogue.

10' diameter stained glass reproduction for the 6th and I Historic Synagogue.




Experienced artists and craftsmen produce the finest etched and carved glass in the area.  State of the art automated equipment ensures consistency and accuracy. On-site blasting services available. Clear-Shield protection on all etched glass.


Etched glass partitions for a residence in Potomac, MD.

Etched glass partitions for a residence in Potomac, MD.