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Carved Glass Table

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012
Carved Glass table

Carved glass table top for a private residence in Washington, DC

By combining deep carved glass with etched glass shading, Classic Glass artisans create stunning visuals that are both beautiful and sophisticated. This latest piece by glass artist Rudi Waros combines both techniques and is accented by an edge lit LED system. The client wished to capture the organic qualities of water and thus requested the carved glass’ edge mimic that of rippling waves. Moving in from the carved edge, soft etched shading fades into circular bubbles that disperse as they reach the table’s center. The carved relief is on the underside which allows the top side of the glass table to be smooth and functional.

Carved Glass Table Top

Carved glass table top illuminated with LED lighting system

Incorporating relief carving with LED lighting produces dramatic illumination, contrast and vibrant color that washes through the glass. These powerful lights instantly accentuate carved glass, adding interest and personality. The controls allow the user to choose from a range of colors and even set the scheme for color fading or strobe like effects. The result is a work of art that highlights the overall design of the clients kitchen. Classic Glass artisans specialize in combining traditional glass techniques with modern technology to create truly unique works of art.

Curved Leaded Glass Panels – Virginia

Friday, November 4th, 2011
Leaded Glass Panels

Curved leaded glass panels for the Halstead Square lobby, Tysons Corner VA.

A recent leaded glass installation by Classic Glass, Inc. posed an interesting challenge for resident stained glass artist Rudi Waros and designer Jacob Robison. Although the client sought a design that was rather simple; the leaded glass panels for the luxurious Virginia apartment lobby needed to wrap around a curved opening. For visual continuity, it was determined that the design of the sidelight panels needed to align and match the size of the diamonds running across the curved middle panels.

Curved Leaded Glass Panels

Leaded glass panel wrapping around a curved opening

Adding to the challenge was the overall size of these decorative glass panels. The sidelights of the interior wall measured 24″ wide x 124″ tall with the curved section measuring 120″ wide x 20″ tall. In addition to the curved leaded glass panels, Classic Glass also built two flat sidelights and a flat transom to match the same design for the lobby’s entrance. (pictured below)

Curved Leaded Glass Window

Clear leaded glass can be flat or curved

Upon completion of a field measurement, decorative glass artist Rudi Waros constructed a wooden template to match the curve of the existing opening. The contour of the template resembled that of a “half-pipe” allowing Rudi to tightly construct the leaded glass panel to fit exactly when installed. The individual glass pieces are flat, not curved, but when divided into narrow sections (such as this design) can be constructed to precisely follow the contour of a curve.

Wooden template for curved leaded glass

Glass artist Rudi Waros constructs a wooden template for the leaded glass

Installation day is always a little nerve racking no matter how routine the job may be – weeks and months of planning and execution all culminate on that day. With over 30 years of experience, Classic Glass’ skilled glass artisans completed this installation with precision and professionalism. The curved glass panels fit perfectly into the opening and our client at Halstead Square could not have been happier.

Decorative Glass

Decorative glass panels for "The Rockwell" at Halstead Square