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Custom Glass Signs

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011
Glass Sign

Carving and painting on both sides of the glass sign creates dimension

Custom glass signs are one of the most versatile products that Classic Glass has to offer. Glass can be fabricated to just about any kind of shape, size and hole specification. In addition, several treatment options including etching, carving, painting and even cast glass are available. There are many ways to reproduce your logo or message onto glass and our artisans are happy to make recommendations based on the intent and function of the space.

Etched Glass and Painted Glass

Etching and Painting is both aesthetic and functional in purpose

The custom glass sign for Story Partners (above) is a great example of using an etched treatment to serve a specific function. Because of the logo’s grey type, and to maintain the overall clarity against the stone wall; Classic Glass recommended that the back of the sign be surface etched and the logo painted on the front surface. The effect diffuses a small area of the stone wall and allows the logo to be viewed without distractions. This ultimately gives Story Partner’s glass sign greater impact.

Carved Glass for Donor Wall

Glass donor walls can be updated with additional names

Glass donor walls are typically used in two ways; to recognize the financial contributions of an individual or group, or to memorialize an individual after he/she has passed. Classic Glass produces this type of signage for organization’s like the Georgetown Chimes (above) The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and Temple Beth Ami to name a few. When it’s time to update a name(s) Classic Glass will pick the sign up, fabricate the new content and then re-install the sign until the next update is needed. Attractive glass signage could not be any easier!

Back Painted Glass

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Back Painted Glass Wall

Classic Glass specializes in creating high quality back painted glass products for commercial and residential applications. Popular uses for colored glass surfaces include: Backpainted Kitchen Backsplashes, Painted Glass Walls and Glass Countertops. It is recommended that all backpainted glass be produced on low iron glass to reduce color distortion and ensure accurate tinting. Furthermore, our skilled artisans can color match backpainted glass to Pantone, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams swatches with striking accuracy. Classic Glass can also create glass samples specific to your color requirements ensuring accuracy and overall satisfaction of the finished product.

Custom options such as edge-work, cut-outs, odd-shapes and various thickness’ are available to meet your projects unique needs. If necessary,¬ back painted glass can also be tempered or laminated to satisfy safety requirements. Back painted glass backsplashes offer an easy to maintain sophisticated appearance that will last for years. Are you searching for that special something to tie everything in your space together? Back painted glass just might be the answer!

For more information about custom back painted glass please contact a Classic Glass representative.