Stained Glass Windows Washington DC

Decorative glass artisan Rudi Waros recently completed a beautiful stained glass window at St. Pauls Episcopal Church in Northwest, Washington, DC. Founded in 1712, the congregation is the oldest religious institution within the boundaries of the present-day District of Columbia.

Stained Glass Window By Rudi Waros

Custom Stained Glass Window Designed by Rudi Waros

Rudi designed this window to have an “old world” feel that compliments several existing stained glass panels throughout the church. Hand selected sheets of¬ Youghiogheny cathedral glass were used to create this 40″ diameter stained glass window. Each sheet of glass has its own unique character and it’s the glass artists job to select the most appropriate glass for a given project. Rudi selected the gradient qualities of the orange to bright yellow areas to highlight the inherent functionality of the glass. The result draws the viewers eye around the window’s design and creates a visual interest that is very pleasing. The other green/teal and red areas utilize the glass’ natural depth of color and unique sparkle; the interaction between light and glass is truly intriguing, almost as if the window is alive! For the center section of the stained glass window Rudi used Bullseye clear iridized glass. He hand painted the cross and then fired the glass in a kiln to achieve the desired look. This effect creates an attractive contrast that pulls the viewers eye to the center of the stained glass panel.

Stained Glass Detail

Detail of the hand painted center section

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