Stained Glass Art Door-light

Stained Glass Art by Rudi Waros

Art nouveau inspired stained glass art door-lights

Today the Classic Glass blog would like to showcase a stained glass art installation by resident artisan Rudi Waros. The inspiration for these stained glass art door-lights came from the existing art nouveau decor of the clients home in Bethesda, MD. Art Nouveau is French for “new art” and was¬†popularized by Czech artist Alphonse Mucha in the late 19th Century. Its distinct influence can be found worldwide permeating all facets of decorative design including architectural, interior, furniture and jewelry design.¬†This style is best characterized by its rhythmic pattern of curvy lines and organic subject matter such as flowers, leaves and vines.

With the desired style established, Waros proceeded to design a stained glass work of art incorporating these elements, he also utilized a specific type of glass to convey the qualities of the art nouveau style. Because of its icy, wax like appearance, opalescent glass – “green stipple” was chosen for the background. Stipple glass is hand rolled by Youghiogheny Glass (pronounced YOKaGAYNEE) and is originally intended to recreate the look of certain Tiffany and Company lampshades. The soft qualities of stipple glass make this the perfect choice for representing the colors of art nouveau and its subtle texture is highlighted as light passes through it. Waros created the dimensional glass rose by using an etching technique to shade pink flash glass. He then applied a silver stain treatment that was finally kiln fired to achieve the flower’s orange center. The result is a handmade, one of a kind piece of art that really compliments the existing decor of the clients home.

This stained glass art installation is a great example of the custom decorative glass that Classic Glass has been creating for over thirty years. Is there a door or window that you’ve always wanted to spruce up? Contact Classic Glass today to begin your own creative glass art journey! Our professional glass artists are always eager to turn your ideas into a reality.

Detail of stained glass art door-lights

Stained Glass Art detail

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