Decorative Glass – The Local Advantage

Think Local

There are many reasons to support local businesses and artists within your community. These reasons are even more compelling when one considers the economic and environmental issues facing our communities today. Investing in the local community supports the individuals that live there and creates a society that is more engaged in the community’s future. By encouraging local prosperity, entrepreneurs and skilled artisans are more likely to invest and reside in communities that preserve their unique businesses.

Classic Glass  embodies this “one of a kind” characterization as the only decorative glass company in the metropolitan Washington, DC area to offer an expansive selection of unique products and services. Since opening its doors in 1981, Classic Glass has maintained its independent status and continues to support local designers, artists, glaziers and distributors. Additionally, Classic Glass assists area schools, charities and organizations by donating time, money or materials necessary for growth through local fundraisers. Classic Glass is Washington, DC’s local decorative glass company and area artists have come to rely on our quality craftsmanship, knowledgeable customer service and quick turnaround.

When you purchase locally you support your fellow citizens and enrich your community’s economic resources. These efforts help to reduce your carbon footprint by avoiding unnecessary transportation of goods; your support helps maintain the unique character of your community and the talented individuals found within. Buy local!

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