Classic Glass offers Clear Shield Protection

Glass is a complex material with inorganic and natural characteristics that contribute to degradation, this makes glass a difficult product to keep clean.  Atmospheric gasses, moisture and even fingerprints can cause visible damage to unprotected glass. To an architect, contractor or building owner this can mean delays in construction, added costs of renovation, maintenance and even the replacement of  already installed glass.

Classic Glass is proud to be a licensed applicator of Clear Shield Protection and offers it on all of its glass products. Developed by Ritec, International, Clear Shield provides a non-stick surface that forms a barrier between the glass and the environment making it resistant to dirt, corrosion and fingerprints. Clear Shield is a polymeric resin and when applied to glass forms a strong chemical bond. Clear Shield is completely transparent, anti-bacterial, non-hazardous and UV stable. As a result glass treated with Clear Shield will resist staining and discoloration. Clear Shield can be applied prior to installation or in-situ.

Ritec’s award-winning Clear Shield System has been specifically developed for the renovation, protection and maintenance of glass. It removes contaminants without creating further abrasion on the surface and provides long term durability thus maintaining design and appearance.

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VIDEO: Clear Shield Mud Bottle Demonstration

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